Impact for the Community

"It is wonderful to see a new generation of creative, caring young people building houses for families in need."
--Kathy Groat, AHA Chairperson

"For so many of the students, they know someone who might be disabled, or they themselves don't come from a very high economic income environment and so they relate to the project and they feel that compassion--that they're building it with a purpose."
--Debra Dillenberg, AHA Executive Director
Building Together... 
Neighborhood Housing Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping build stronger communities. The School Build Program helps students gain work experience and families in need find affordable homes.

Impact for the Students

"Every year, this collaboration sparks so many students to either pursue a career in construction or to go into a field relevant to construction."
--Marcus McGuire, AASD Construction Course Instructor

"I like the construction and working with my hands, the manual labor. You take things out of these experiences and you learn. You can do the work and know that you can be proud of what you've done."
--Mason Goodwin, Appleton West, 
The School Build Program, brought to the community through Neighborhood Housing Inc., is a collaborative partnership between the Appleton Housing Authority (AHA) and the Appleton Area School District (AASD).

This program provides construction technology students from Appleton area high schools with hands-on experience building affordable, universal houses for families in need in our community.
Together, we can build a better future. See how you can help us continue this program here.
The School Build Program is a partnership between the Appleton Housing Authority and the Appleton Area School District. 
Brought to you by Neighborhood Housing Inc., 
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
School Build Video
*Check out the latest student project, 
single family home completed May 2016!
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Celebrating our 10th anniversary of the School Youth Build Partnership
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