Homes We've Built
1509/1511 E. Cass St.
Duplex Housing

Pride in workmanship, pride in making a difference.
2616 N. Linwood Ave.
Single-Family Home
2604 Settlers Court
Single-Family Home
"It's important to us to incorporate universal design features to benefit people of all ages and abilities."
--Ed Schmidt, AHA Board Chairman
The School Build Program is a partnership between the Appleton Housing Authority and the Appleton Area School District. 
Brought to you by Neighborhood Housing Inc., 
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All the affordable homes that are built by the high school students incorporate universal design features, Energy Star materials and Build-Green concepts. 

The students are currently working on a single family home, scheduled to be completed in May, 2016.
1513/1515 E. Cass St.
Duplex Housing
From The Bargain Bulletin 
Fox Cities, Nov.10, 2010:
Appleton Resident with Special 
Needs Celebrates New 
Wheelchair-Friendly Home for 
\the Holidays: Duplex home built 
through Appleton Housing 
Authority Partnership with 
Appleton Schools. 

Appleton resident Sharon Brockman 
is already sure the upcoming holiday
 season will be filled with joy--even 
before it arrives--thanks to a 
continuing partnership between the 
Appleton Housing Authority (AHA) and 
the Appleton Area School District (AASD), which offers the unique opportunity for students from all three area high schools to build affordable homes for Appleton families in need of affordable residences.

For Brockman, a bubbly career woman, the successful partnership means a new handicapped-accessible home that's easy to get around in after years of living in apartments with doorways that were tough to navigate her wheelchair through.

Brockman recently moved into her new home, one of two new duplex-style homes at 1509 and 1511 Cass St. in Appleton, which were completed during the 2009-2010 school year by students from Appleton East, West and North High Schools under the direction and supervision of Gary Vanness, AASD program coordinator and instructor. 

"I was very excited to be moving into my new home!" Brockman said. "I was looking for a long time and there was nothing affordable for me like this in the area. I love the doorways and the attached garage, which protects me from wet weather. I also love that students helped build this home. It's a great learning experience for them," she said.

4832/4834 Apple Rd.
Duplex Housing
818 S. Sunshine Dr.
Single-Family Home
3381 N. Mason St.
Single-Family Home
311 River Drive
Single-Family Home
37 Pintail Place
Single-Family Home